Educational Technology Definition Graphic

Education Technology Definition Graphic and Reflection

            I used Photoshop Elements 12 to create my definition graphic.  As I was searching for a good short definition, I found one on Wikipedia (insert a GASP here) that summed up all the aspects I felt went into educational technology.  The definition on the graphic is a bit small to read so I will add it here:

“Educational Technology, the use of modern technology, such as computers, digital technology, networked digital devices and associated software and courseware with learning scenarios, worksheets and interactive exercises which facilitate learning. Edtech encompasses both material objects, such as machines and networking hardware, and also aspects such as instructional theory and learning theory.”

            All of the small icons I used on my graphic illustrate means of communicating and learning through technology.  My icons include: Wi-fi, emailing, uploading, g+, file sharing, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, RSS feeds, HTML5 and CSS code, Google Hangouts (or Apple Messenger), and so much more.  The most amazing piece of educational technology is that no matter where we are in the world, we are connected by a machine.  Even in this course, our classmates are from all over the globe.  We are able to come together in cyberspace and learn together.  It is truly remarkable how connected we can become with the use of all these tools, programs, software, and hardware.  We can communicate, in real-time, anywhere on the planet.

In the past 10 days of my two courses, I have learned a lot of new terms.  I am learning to  build a basic website.  I am learning to blog  more efficiently by using tags and categories.  I am learning from my peers as they aid in troubleshooting.  As I proceed through this M.E.T. program, I will become far more involved in many of these programs and practices and hopefully become even more comfortable in the process.

Jen Crook Edtech501 Graphic DefinitionFinal

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