502 Update and Reflection

Up until now I haven’t posted anything about my journey in 502.  The class is all HTML and CSS and wow, I am astonished at my progress.  I never would have imagined that I might like or enjoy creating a website from scratch but it isn’t bad, it’s almost kind of fun.  Validating at the end is like jumping into a deep pool and waiting to breathe until you come back to the surface.  By working through each assignment and building on concepts learned from the previous week, my skills and knowledge has greatly improved.

Here is what I have so far: http://edtech2.boisestate.edu/jencrook/502/502.html

Moving forward, my EdTech Homepage will be found HERE.  This website is hosted by the Boise State University’s Edtech2 server and will become “home” to my growing portfolio.


2 thoughts on “502 Update and Reflection

  1. Wow Jen, That looks great. I am scheduled to take this class Spring semester. Seeing your post has helped me feel more positive because I was a little scared. I am only taking one course this semester since I also teach full time. I am glad to see it is going so well for you.


    • Debra-
      It is a lot of work but it’s kind of cool. Just beware how much work in writing code it is. I have learned a lot and I am more tech savvy than a lot of other 41 year old moms but it’s been a real challenge.


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