Tech Trends in Education Research

Beginning Essential Apps for iPads in the Classroom

App Guide for Elementary Teachers in the Early Stages of iPad Classroom Integration

  • Open or Download the iPad Apps for Educators brochure HERE
  • iPad Apps for Educators Google Slide presentation HERE
  • Open or Download the iPad Apps for Educators slides HERE
  • Download the iPad Apps for Educators PowerPoint presentation HERE

In January 2014 I was placed in a sixth-grade Title I classroom for a student teaching assignment. The school was a 1:1 iPad school. While I do have an Android tablet at home, I was very unfamiliar with the iPad and the tremendous power of apps available to teachers and education. Because I love new technology, especially in the classroom, I dove right in and starting learning about the apps I would end up using almost every single day of my teaching experience.

After my student-teaching experience, I went back to my job at the elementary school I had been at previously. The vice principal asked me about my experience and to someday write up a review of my favorite apps as the school had just received one rotating classroom set of iPads. Life, work, and preparing our home to sell put that request on the back burner until now. I created this assignment in part to fulfill that promise to the vice principal.

I chose my six favorite apps to showcase in this assignment. I used them all several times a week if not every single day while I was teaching. Most were free but a few had been paid for and subscribed to by the school district. I created a tri-fold brochure with a brief synopsis of each of the apps to give to the principal, teachers, or IT specialist. I also created a PowerPoint presentation with some additional resources and website and/or video tutorials so teachers and administration could further investigate the app. The brochure is meant to be a quick overview of how the app is useful to teachers (along with the cost), and the PowerPoint is for looking deeper at the app.

As teachers begin investigating how to use an iPad in their classroom, they will find more resources than they will ever know what to do with. I created this brochure and presentation with the hope that teachers won’t be overwhelmed when they receive their new iPads and wonder what they will do with it. Teachers never have enough time in their day and spending time researching apps probably will fall off the priority list very quickly. My goal is that this simple brochure will give teachers and administrators just enough quick information that they can get set up and running as quickly as possible.

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