Alternative Artifact Option

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I chose to do an alternative project due to circumstances that have not allowed me to be working in an educational setting at this time.  Having worked at elementary schools in the past however, and as a parent, I am overwhelmed by the amount of educational material there is to be found on the Internet.  This abundant source of information makes it very hard to navigate and find appropriate sites for my children to spend their time on at home.  Time is the issue, parents and teachers simply never seem to have enough of it.  Internet safety is of high concern to me and my family but how can I protect them in a world where everything is literally at their fingertips?

I chose this project as a means to tackle something I have wanted to do for a very long time, create a simple website for parents and educators that is safe, family/classroom friendly with links to educational online games.  Far too often I find my young children “Googling” something they may have heard about from friends.  As a parent who knows the dangers lurking online, I am extremely nervous about this practice.  I would much rather have ONE central location that has links to dozens of favorite educational games rather than perusing the entire Internet.  This page can easily be set as the “homepage” for a child’s Internet account.

I also felt it was important to provide a page for parents with many additional links to Common Sense Media, a website designed specifically for Internet Safety.  Children spend over 60 hours of screen time per week.  It is imperative that as parents and educators we do our very best to make this screen time matter and enrich their learning.  Because most families do not have a media-use plan in effect at home, I also included a link to a popular and simple media-use form that parents and educators can use/modify to fit their needs.

Additionally, I added a page that simply outlines the National Educational Technology Plan 2010 (NETP 2010) so that parents would be aware of the plan our schools already have in place to enhance learning through technology use.  The five areas outlined in the NETP 2010 plan have goals that are just as useful at home as they are in a classroom setting.

My alternative project was divided into 4 sections:

  1. Create  the website This website is intended for parents/teachers of preschool and elementary-aged children.  *NOTE- The domain name has not yet been purchased at this time and was created with WIX, a free HTML editor, thus the lengthy website name.  It is proposed that this domain name will be purchased at the time of official launch.
  1. Create and distribute an overview of the website (in brochure form) to:
    1. Administrators
    2. Teachers
    3. PTA or PTO organizations
    4. Local libraries (information desk and story time)
    5. Other parents
    6. Social Media
  1. Include contact information to schedule a brief (15-30 minute) presentation of the website with question and answer period as needed
  1. Present the information found on the website to and of the above interested parties (in Google Slides form)

Upon reflection of this project, I am very pleased with the outcome.  It became a much bigger beast than I ever intended but I also felt that if I was going to do what I wanted to do, it had to be 100%.  I didn’t feel like it would be fair to leave it half done or even create it and then forget about it.  Sharing it will now be the key to this website’s success.  Information is power and education is the key.  So many parents tend to bury their heads in the sand about screen time and Internet safety but this is simply unacceptable in today’s world.  Our children are being pushed to know more and perform at higher levels than ever before.  It only makes sense to find games that can enhance what they are learning in the classroom and better prepare them for the rigors ahead but to have fun in the process.  Parents and teachers deserve one central place they can trust for their children.  As I move forward to share this with teachers, administrators, and other parents, my hope is that they will come to rely on THIS website is a place they can trust.